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Easy, effective eConsent

Informed consent is critical to patient safety while the process of securing informed consent is a central component of person-centered care. Common informed consent processes often give people little time to ask substantive questions, understand risks and alternatives, or decline a procedure.

Our upcoming eConsent solution synthesizes best practices to secure meaningful consent rather than just informed consent:

  • Process workflow designed to give patients enough time for contemplation before decision-making where possible.
  • Multi-modal patient education on procedures, realistic risk estimates, and alternatives that address various health literacy levels and learning differences.
  • Staff training on health literacy concerns and how to improve communications with patients with annual staff education updates.
  • Honors the cultural and social norms of the patient population whenever possible.
  • Simpler, easy-to-read informed consent forms that incorporate best practices in content length, readability, and visual cues.
  • Uses the teach-back method and teach-to-goal strategies where possible to assess patient comprehension.
  • Leverages technology to streamline the informed content process, improve patient understanding, enhance patient control, foster active decision making, and ensure the signed consent forms become part of each patient’s electronic medical record.

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