Advance Care Planning

We help people document and share what is important to them about their health care so their decisions are honored.

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Comprehensive advance care planning made easy

We provide the ACP tools, training, and education to support relevant, meaningful ACP conversations, help people make and share informed care decisions, and ensure their comprehensive advance care plans are accessible and honored.

We’ve taken bioethicist research and results from published ACP studies and combined them with best practices in engagement and technology development to create a high-quality, comprehensive, structured ACP delivery system provided through an affordable software-as-a-service model.

It includes a complete set of ACP tools, educational materials (print, audio, and video), legally-compliant ACP documents for all U.S. states and territories, 24/7 online access to completed advance care plans (for individuals and healthcare facilities), staff training, and much more in an easy-to-use program and HIPAA-compliant online app.

Whether it’s through family doctors, healthcare systems, health plans, or employers, we have a way for people to pick someone they trust to be their health care champion, make informed decisions about their care, capture their values and health care priorities, legally document and share their wishes, and make sure everyone on their care team knows what medical treatments they want and don’t want.

Explore how our ACP services can help your organization

Innovative ACP

 An ACP ecosystem that spans all care settings

Honor My Decisions

Our core online service that individuals use to create their advance care plan. It educates and guides people step-by-step to make and share informed decisions about their health care.

Guided experience: behavioral triggers lead people through each ACP activity, nurturing and engaging them to ensure they complete and share their advance care plans. Includes legal advance directives for all U.S. states that can be completed via easy-to-use questionnaires and signed online with digital or electronic signatures. Paper-based advance directives or other advance care plan documents (DNR, POLST/MOST, etc.) can be uploaded as well.

Informed decision-making: educational materials support different learning styles, preferences, and health literacy levels to  make ACP accessible to everyone. Includes video, audio, and written content designed with a diversity and inclusion lens.

Comprehensive, holistic ACP: video living wills and supplemental values, priorities, and care goals exercises enhance advance directives, further structure productive and effective healthcare decision-maker conversations, and provide additional guidance for the care team.

ACP Facilitator Portal

Our suite of ACP facilitated session delivery tools and online training that enables staff to easily deliver high-quality, effective ACP sessions to individuals.
Doctor Working on ACP with Patient

Reimbursable ACP session focus: training and ACP session tools support a team-based approach to boost reimbursable ACP session delivery for both medically-necessary ACP and ACP in conjunction with Medicare Annual Wellness Visits. Session timers, ACP educational content to use during sessions (videos, worksheets, and handouts), and system-generated Medicare-compliant documentation make the delivery of high-quality, consistent ACP sessions possible for any staff member regardless of their experience.

Multiple delivery options: ACP tools and workflows support facilitated in-person as well as video or audio-only telehealth ACP sessions. Logical-branching scripts help the facilitator gather and store a person’s ACP data step-by-step in Honor My Decisions. Default scripts for different ACP session types are based on best practices and can be customized for your organization or specific patient segments.

End-to-end ACP session workflow: customizable training and implementation materials for front desk, scheduling, clinical, and billing staff ensure successful implementation. Aligns with existing ACP programs by providing the technology to enhance established ACP methodologies like Respecting Choices®, supporting healthcare system specific ACP forms and processes, and integrating with EHRs.

ACP Member Administration Portal

Our administration, reporting, and analytics component used by your staff to manage access, track performance, and gain actionable insights to optimize your ACP program.

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Custom dashboards: a variety of aggregate and individual utilization, performance, and behavioral metrics can be combined to meet business intelligence needs.

Compliance data: supports reporting for ACP quality measures performance, payor reimbursement audits, and other regulatory requirements.

Easy user and member administration: manage user access and roles, member rosters, and reporting groups.

ACP Authority

Our secure online registry and repository for people’s completed advance care plans. It can be easily accessed 24/7 by healthcare teams and caregivers when plans need to be honored.

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Secure: online repository has multiple levels of security to ensure that privacy is protected. Each access to a plan is tracked and logged.

Accessible: indvidual plans are hosted at unique URLs and can be accessed 24/7 by scanning the QR code on the wallet card or clicking a link stored within the EHR or received via an email share by the plan owner.

Actionable: includes all elements needed to honor a person’s wishes: emergency contacts, healthcare decision-maker, treatment preferences, legal documentation, end-of-life values, and their video living will.

Standards-Based ACP

Built on industry standards

  • HIPAA-compliant data transmission and storage.
  • Third-party Service Organization Control (SOC) audited for data security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality as applicable to in-scope trust principles through Microsoft Azure cloud hosting.
  • NIST-compliant digital signatures (including public/private key pairs) as well as electronic signature options.
  • Data interfaces include HL7 and HL7 FHIR.

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Hi! We’re technology and education professionals with healthcare backgrounds who have all personally experienced the importance of advance care planning. The Alpha-1 Foundation is a part owner of our company. By using our services, you help their mission to find a cure for alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and help people breathe.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a question about our services or need help with your advance care planning. Our support team will quickly connect you with the right person.

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