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Your medical care wishes, in your own words, even when you can’t speak.

Accidents happen. Illnesses worsen. But some health crises strip us of our most basic right: to speak for ourselves.

Honor My Decisions gives you that voice by letting you record and store all of your advance care wishes in one convenient solution. If a medical emergency strikes, we’ll make your plan instantly available to physicians and loved ones alike.

Don’t leave your medical care future in doubt. Tell them today, in case you can’t tomorrow.

What is Honor My Decisions?

Honor My Decisions is for Each of Us …

We provide helpful, step-by-step instructions to guide you through the entire planning process, with a system specifically designed so that even the most technology-phobic will find it easy to use.

None of us can predict whether we’ll ever be incapacitated. What we can do is ensure our medical care wishes are known by our physicians and loved ones.

… and the Organizations We Trust

Honor My Decisions offers volume discounts to participating corporations, nonprofit organizations, hospital systems, universities, and other institutional partners who want their employees, members, and various other constituencies to enjoy all the benefits of a complete, easy-to-use advance care planning tool.

Contact us to learn how your organization can prevent the physical, emotional, and financial suffering that, by some estimates, impacts at least one out of every 5 employed Americans.

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What’s Included?

Frequently Asked Questions

An advance directive is a living will (a document outlining your medical wishes) and an assigned healthcare surrogate (someone you’ve chosen to make medical decisions on your behalf when you can’t) that together ensure that doctors and emergency professionals know what medical treatments you do and do not want.

There are enormous benefits to having an advance directive including:

  • Making sure you get the medical care you want
  • Preventing family members from fighting over what to do
  • Reducing unwanted medical costs
  • Providing clear, direct guidance to help doctors care for you
You can’t predict if or when you’ll need emergency medical care. If you can’t speak for yourself and you haven’t shared with your loved ones and doctor your medical wishes, you may not get the care you want. You may also unintentionally cause family disagreements or unwanted financial hardships. It’s better to make your wishes known.
Yes, you’ll be asked to select your state or U.S. territory in the setup process, enabling us to ensure that your advance directive complies with the requirements unique to your location.
Honor My Decisions provides a structured way for you to record your medical decisions. The written living will module has a form where you can indicate your wishes with regard to common emergency medical treatments. There is also a place in the written living will for you to document other specific wishes that aren’t on the form.

The video living will module has some common prompts (in text, so they do not appear on the video itself) to help you talk about your decisions. You can turn these prompts on or off as you wish.

You can change your decisions at any time. Simply log into the app, edit what you want, and save. The new version will replace the old version. You will have to re-sign any documents that require signatures if you change them. You may also delete any of your documents at any time. It’s a good idea to review the decisions you’ve made in your advance care plan at least once a year as well as whenever your health or other circumstances change.

When you create your account you’ll be assigned a unique identification code that is linked to your records. This code is contained in both a QR code printed on a wallet card that you can print from within the app and a personal URL. With that QR code any medical professional can quickly and easily pull up your advance directive and learn your wishes instead of having to track down someone who knows if you have an advance directive and asking them to find and deliver it to the treating physician.

When you create your advance directive you can also proactively share it with your family doctor and/or other physicians by adding them to your Share Contacts and sending them an email link.

Doctors and people you’ve shared your advance directive with can only view it, they can’t edit it. Only you can make changes to your materials and that can only be done through the app itself.
Honor My Decisions is just $23.99 per year and ensures that your wishes are securely stored and quickly accessible 24/7 by emergency medical professionals through any web browser. The cost of the app is quite small compared to the hundreds or even thousands of dollars you would spend on attorneys for an advance directive that might not even be available when it is needed most.

Honor My Decisions includes a number of modules:

  • Living Will: create and store a written living will (or upload or take photos of one you already have).
  • Video Living Will: record and store a video living will (or upload one you already have).
  • Surrogates: designate your healthcare surrogate and alternates (storing all of their contact information).
  • Emergency Contacts: organize all of your emergency contacts’ information for easy access.
  • My Legacy: record and store videos of cherished memories, life lessons and other messages for your loved ones (and/or upload existing videos).

Your personal URL (which is also stored in the QR code on the wallet card you can print from within the app) provides easy 24/7 access to your medical wishes for your physicians and healthcare surrogate.

You may also choose to share your information with friends and loved ones. Simply add people to your Share Contacts list and select which module(s) you wish them to have access to. They’ll receive an email with a link.

We are actively working to build our network of participating employers and membership organizations who may offer Honor My Decisions as a discounted or even free value-added service. We are in the process of releasing a new, enhanced version of the app and are not currently accepting new individual accounts.

Honor My Decisions is available as web app.

Got Questions?

Call 844•HonorCo (844•466•6726) or use our support form.